As life changes, so should your Insurance

Your insurance needs will vary at different stages of your life. So it’s sensible to get into the habit of reviewing your insurance cover annually or, at the very least, whenever major events, such as the following, occur.

  • You welcome or farewell a child. Kids are expensive, something to consider when calculating the income your partner would require should the worst happen. Alternatively, if your children have reached the age where they are independent, you may be able to scale back your policy and premiums.
  • You welcome or farewell a partner. As your relationship status changes, so might your main beneficiary and the amount you wish them to receive.
  • Your income or debt levels fluctuate. That payout of $80,000 a year, which seemed sufficient when you had the lifestyle of a young middle manager, might not be so liveable when you’re a fifty something executive. On the other hand, once you own your home and your partner will not be left with the burden of a mortgage, you may be able to reduce your cover.

The right insurance solution for you and your family will be as unique as you are. If you would like to discus your insurance needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Photo by free pictures of money